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Heads Or Tails

Heads or Tails is a coin-tossing game.

Most coins have a side where the imprint of a person, such as a current or former head of state, is impressed — this side is called the "heads" side (since the embossing is of the head of a person). The other side may have any imprint, or none, and is called the "tails" side. Technically, the heads and tails sides are known as the obverse and reverse, respectively.

In 1870 Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable describes heads in a similar way and details tails as being the opposite and obvious reverse to heads. The expression 'can't make head nor tail of it' expresses this concept of opposites.

Generally, one person throws the coin up in the air, and the second person must predict which side of the coin will lay face up after it rests back on the ground. A correct prediction results in a win. Another variation has the person catch the coin in one hand and slap it on the back of their other hand. Traditionally, the second person calls out "heads" or "tails" while the coin is in the air.

The Australian game of Two-up is closely related, and involves traditionally two half-pennies. Coin flipping as a game was known to the Romans as "navia aut caput" (ship or head), as some coins had a ship on one side and the head of the emperor on the other.

A related game, Cross and Pile, was played in England for many centuries. The cross was the major design element on one side of many coins, and the Pile was the bottom part of the die used to cast the other side of the coin (see hammered coinage). Cross and Pile is derived from the Greek pastime called Ostrakinda, played by the boys of ancient Greece. Having procured a shell, they smeared it over with pitch on one side and left the other side white. A boy tossed up this shell, and his antagonist called white or black (In the Greek, nux kai hemera, that is, 'night or day') as he thought proper, and his success was determined by the white or black part of the shell being uppermost.

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Heads Or Tails

Heads Or Tails Rules

Your objective is to predict the outcome of a coin flip. First, choose the amount you want to wager by clicking the + and - buttons in the lower left corner of the screen, then click Confirm . Now choose a coin with either heads or tails. This is what you want the flip result to be. Now click one of the flip buttons. Flip x1 flips just once, Flip x2 flips twice and Flip x3 flips three times. If you click Flip x2 or Flip x3 , you are betting that the chosen result comes up 2 or 3 times in a row. If any of the consecutive flips is wrong, you lose the bet.

Double Coin Play

You can also play Heads or Tails with two coins. Click the 2 Coin Play tab to do that. Here you have to select the outcome of both coins, otherwise it is identical to 1 Coin Play (except the payouts). Click 1 Coin Play tab to go back to one coin game.


Single coin play Double coin play Double coin play
  Two heads or two tails One of each
Number of flips Payout Number of flips Payout Number of flips Payout
1 1.9 1 3.8 1 1.9
2 3.8 2 15 2 3.8
3 7.5 3 60 3 7.5

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